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We are COMPASS. We have impacted the lives of over 20,000 students, parents and families.

We are a community-based, non-profit, social service agency and special needs school that provides comprehensive educational, counseling and support services to high-risk youth and families. Our 4 school- and home-based programs serve over 1000 clients per year. Our mission is to equip those we serve with the skills to become self-sufficient productive members of their communities and society.

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ASAP Overview

A remediation and academic enrichment program for students at the Middle School Academy in South Boston and Orchard Gardens K-8 in Roxbury.

COMPASS' 2010 Violence Prevention Day Celebration

On Wednesday, June 9th, students, parents/guardians and staff celebrated COMPASS' Violence Prevention Day with a theme of "Violence Prevention Through a Recognition of Success," a day which provided an opportunity to recognize achievements in COMPASS' four school and famiily based programs. All attendees were given t-shirts which featured the creative expressions of students who participated in designing a message and/or artwork for this year's event. Students were rewarded with a $25 gift certificate to a store or restaurant of their choice.

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2012 Violence Prevention Slogans Announced

The contest was open to COMPASS students and the winners were awarded gift certificates. The slogans will be used in publicity and fundraising materials for the event, and featured on t-shirts and other giveaways to friends and families at this year's Violence Prevention Ceremonies. Other entries included:

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COMPASS' Basketball Team Plays in GBBL Tournament

COMPASS' basketball team played in this year's Greater Boston Basketball League (GBBL) Tournament. Though the team did not win the tournament, they displayed a mature, solid performance. The team had a season record of 10-4 and will continue to improve, potentially contending for the GBBL championship next year.

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COMPASS Students Make and Sell Jewelry to Raise Money for Haiti Relief Fund

COMPASS clinician Pam Stich incorporated a beaded jewelry making class in to the students' BEAMS (Beginning, Engaging, Acquiring, Mastering, Strengthening) activity program, and in to some therapy sessions, to help students relax and engage more easily. The first jewelry BEAMS project was organized around a fundraiser in which students made jewelry to sell to staff and the public during COMPASS Cafe hours on Friday, February 12th, with the advertised goal of donating all proceeds toward a Haiti Relief Fund. Over 20 pieces of jewelry were sold, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, and 107 dollars was raised to help Haiti. A few students had experience with jewelry making and were able to design and make their own pieces, while other students needed more guidance and instruction. It was a great process and experience for the students to create something that people purchased as well as to know

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COMPASS Board Member's Homage to Mayor Menino

COMPASS board member Dave Manzo wrote a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe reflecting on Mayor Menino's decision to not run for reelection. The letter was published in the March 30th edition of the paper:

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"Thank You, thank you, very, very much. I hope some one can bless you as you blessed me. No one in my life has ever helped me like you have. You've given me and my daughter a chance to get ahead in life."

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"ISP is the flower of the future."

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"I feel that Lamar has made good progress since being followed by Brian (COMPASS Family Specialist). Lamar is beginning to see that he must take responsibility for his actions and that he must be held accountable for his actions. It would be wonderful if Lamar could continue seeing Brian for a longer period of time. ...I feel that with more time, Lamar will be better able to make the right decisions about what is right and what is wrong with more independence. It has been a pleasure working with Brian and seeing the improvements in Lamar's ability to make better decisions in general."

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Comprehensive Support and Stabilization: for families in crisis referred by DCF.
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COMPASS School: a special education day school for youth with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities.
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After School Action Program: remediation and academic enrichment.

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