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We are COMPASS. We have impacted the lives of over 20,000 students, parents and families.

We are a community-based, non-profit, social service agency and special needs school that provides comprehensive educational, counseling and support services to high-risk youth and families. Our 4 school- and home-based programs serve over 1000 clients per year. Our mission is to equip those we serve with the skills to become self-sufficient productive members of their communities and society.


"Your staff went above and beyond the call of duty. [Family Specialists] Joanne and Emily helped my daughter and I make many positive changes to improve our lives and our family's well being."

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COMPASS Welcomes Two New Partnerships

Curry College has begun an internship program with COMPASS School for undergraduate students majoring in Criminal Justice. Students will be developing objectives with a college professor and COMPASS to help them to learn more about students who have been involved with the criminal justice system. Currently we have two student interns working in the school, Jennifer and Sara. The Intensive Support Program (ISP) at English High School is hosting a student intern, Lisa, from Northeastern University's Service Learning Program. Lisa's work will be incorporated into her courses at the University. ISP will benefit from direct service help and advice from the student's professors.

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COMPASS School Graduates 6 in 2012

There were six graduates from the COMPASS School in 2012! These students were: Johnathan R., Tyreke M., Jaylen B., Chaniqua H., Jose R., and Michael R. COMPASS students received diplomas from the school districts that referred them to COMPASS, which were distributed during graduation. Students were also awarded for other accomplishments during the school year. The graduates' families attended graduation and were provided dinner as well.

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Boston Evening Clinic Puts Safety First at COMPASS

The generosity of the Boston Evening Clinic allowed the COMPASS School to purchase, among other items, a portable defibrillator. Ms. Lynn Monger, Service Manager for Cintas First Aid Safety, provided training to Attracta Britton, School Nurse, Dr. Beth Labbe, Prinicipal, Mr. Terry Belli, Clinical Director, and other key staff. The machine will provide for daily safety at the school and can be brought to sporting or other events to ensure safety away from school as well.

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Good News for Computer Capital Project

In January 2011 COMPASS launched this campaign to raise funds to purchase computers and software to replace old equipment.

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"ISP was like family when my family wasn't there for me. I trusted my Caseworker: she was the only one I trusted, and I talked to her and took her advice, even when it didn't look like I was listening."

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COMPASS Students Learning Through Urban Gardening

SLUG - Students Learning Through Urban Gardening - a program generously funded by Boston Natural Areas Network, is now up and running at COMPASS! High school students in the 9th - 12th grade and the vocational program have been busy planting, watering, and caring for seeds, sprouts, and beanstalks! There is much excitement for SLUG, and students often can be seen misting baby plants with water and getting their hands dirty. Worms are also a part of our curriculum, and students have maintained a worm bin for several weeks now! We hope to expand the worm program by feeding the worms vegetable refuse from the culinary arts program soon! The Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN), an urban open space preservation and stewardship organization, has started this new program in urban school-based vegetable gardening. The program provides participants with training and support, a SLUG Handbook relating curriculum

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2010 Washington DC Trip

The Annual 'Kip Sowpel' Washington DC trip kicked off in late June with a Washington Nationals baseball game. Students were filled with excitement during the long road trip down, talking about the different things they wanted to do and see. The six students chose several museums and monuments to explore while in Washington. Some highlights included a trip to the National Zoo, the International Spy Museum, the American Art Museum, and a night tour of the National Mall and Monuments. Students marveled over seeing the White House and Capitol Buildings, asking questions and taking advantage of photo opportunities. The trip concluded with a nice dinner out where everyone joked, laughed, and shared stories of their favorite parts to the trip.

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COMPASS School Story: M.

Born in Kenya, M.'s first experience in a U.S. public high school was challenging. Within two weeks, he had a number of conduct violations and poor attendance; a pending felony charge became a conviction. M. was subsequently expelled from his public high school; the Special Education Department made referrals to alternative schools.

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ASAP Overview

A remediation and academic enrichment program for students at the Middle School Academy in South Boston and Orchard Gardens K-8 in Roxbury.
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Comprehensive Support and Stabilization: for families in crisis referred by DCF.
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COMPASS School: a special education day school for youth with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities.
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After School Action Program: remediation and academic enrichment.